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Oasis Funds

Exciting new European debt products are currently being developed by Oasis Group, and we expect to bring them to market in 2016.

The major difference between these investments and our US debt product is that they are built around newly created, performing, secured short term debt, as opposed to historic, defaulted credit card debt.

In January 2013 Oasis Multi-Strategy fund was launched. Trades for this fund are managed using a number of proprietary algorithms which are optimised to trade in different market conditions.

In July 2011 Oasis started to trade forex funds for selected sophisticated investor clients, and in November 2011 Oasis high frequency traded fund was launched and continues to perform well ahead of expectations.

Although Oasis sold it's operations in the US consumer debt field in late 2010, it's old subsidieries continue to manage the Oasis portfolio of this product, and we will publish below the most recent results for the benefit of Oasis client's.

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